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Name: Megamind
Age: ...Adult? Late twenties, early thirties? I don't even know if his people age the same way humans do...
Height: 5'6" or thereabouts
Weight: BUT A WISP OF A MAN plus a giant blue head. So... 130?
Eyes: ~*~Emerald Green~*~
Hair: Nope!
Physical Traits: Is an alien with a giant blue head! And blue rest of him. And funny facial hair. He's not particularly strong--in fact, he's very bony--which makes me think that he forgets to eat a lot. Other than that, pretty average for a humanoid alien.
Medical Info: I DON'T CATCH YOUR SILLY HUMAN COMMON COLDS. Other than that, I have... no idea. Has been punched and exploded a fair amount, but nothing too serious in the long run. Has broken bones, but no head trauma. Mispronounces words, but seriously, no head trauma.
What's okay to mention around him: Pretty much anything? If you're too crude he might take offense, but like. That's not a big deal to me OOCly.
Abilities: AMAZING INTELLECT. Supergenius in science and engineering.
Notes for psychics/magical dudes/spiritual dudes: Megamind's "mega mind" (hurr hurr) is always working at a mean rate. He doesn't understand a lot of very normal, average stuff, so there's going to be a fair amount of confusion there. He has no special abilities, unless you call being an alien an ability. Doesn't ping spiritually at all.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc.? Ask first, but probably yes!
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: You will throw him for SUCH A LOOP but yeah, sure. But don't expect any positive feedback unless your name rhymes with Moxanne Mitchie.
Maim/Murder/Death: Megamind fights, but his fights normally end with comedic injury and jailtime. Death is a no for this one.
Cooking: Minion does this. Could probably learn baking pretty easily, because baking is SCIENCE!!1!
Other: He's a derp. That's... important information to have, I guess.


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